About Us

Hi there, thanks for visiting Makaya! My name is Anca and I would like to share my story with you.

How it started

Makaya – it is the combination of my kids' names. It has a special meaning to me of course, and it is also the start of my journey as an entrepreneur.

With the birth of my first child, I did a lot of research. I wanted to find (just like many other parents) the best baby products. Having zero experience with babies, living in another country than my own, I had a lot of research to do before being able to make a decision. (We are flooded by products these days and it can be overwhelming, no matter the country you are living in).

To make it easier for me, I turned to some mother groups from my home country and started reading their recommendations. To my surprise, I found out that many local producers started small to medium businesses with great products. The first 2 categories I was sold by were babywearing carriers and barefoot shoes. From there my passion and research extended to other products (clothes, personal care products and toys followed).

After testing and ordering from many different producers of barefoot kids shoes, I decided I was also worth it and started my own journey in the barefoot world. I never made it back to conventional shoes and try to at least inform everyone about the existence of barefoot shoes; if not have them try a pair!

This is why I decided to start this webshop after my second child was born.


What is my mission&purpose?

I had this drive telling me I should bring these products over to the Netherlands, and have like-minded people discover and enjoy them.

The idea behind MakayaShop, is to bring sustainable products, made by European business, in small productions, with quality materials and good intentions. These are handpicked companies that I believe in and whose stories I would like to share with you.


How do I do it?

I am in direct contact with the producers. I “lend them my voice” and help them reach out to bigger crowds. The majority are products that never made it to markets, but they all have a great story behind. I will present their stories individually and give each product the rightful place on the website.


What can you expect by browsing the webshop?

•             Unique designs (with accent on the materials used, making sure that the kids wear will be enjoyed for more than a season=SMART DESIGN)

•             Natural materials used (from cotton, to linen and wool with muslin and wood in between)

•             Sustainable products

•             Healthy footwear (aka barefoot shoes)

•             Long-lasting clothes that can be worn several seasons and then passed on to other generations or sold for a fair recovery of the investment

•             Natural toys, Montessori or Waldorf inspired (open-ended that let the child’s imagination develop)

•             Ergonomic designs

•             No umbrella labels and terms, just products that are made ethically, with good intentions and high quality materials.


Where are the products coming from?

I am sustaining the local producers. In other words, it is all made in Europe, to keep the transportation costs to a minimum and support family businesses.

The products are made following European regulations so you don’t have to worry about where and how the products are made, just enjoy their unique style and quality. Let us do the work, so you don’t have to. Sustainable living can be easy!