T-shirt with embroidery "make a wish"


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Embroidery is the most elegant and durable way to give life to clothing.

Choose to wear custom t-shirts through embroidery, because the seams have a long life, do not fade, do not break and do not peel off after repeated washing in the washing machine.

Manufacturer information:

We should all have a white T-shirt in our wardrobe that can be easily integrated into almost any outfit. But the favorite white T-shirt is sometimes hard to find. The biggest problem I had was the density of the T-shirts I found in stores, which was not big enough and because of that the white T-shirt was slightly transparent.

When I started to test for the embroidered t-shirt collection, I wanted to find the best version of a non-transparent white t-shirt, which would be comfortable and have a suitable cut for any conformation. After many tests, I found the option that I still consider suitable for me and I recommend it to you. ????

Almost a year has passed since then, and the first t-shirts I embroidered for me still look very good, although I have washed and worn them countless times, which makes me very happy.

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