Dollhouse Rose Waldorf style


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How would you describe your dream house? Does it have large windows, several bedrooms, perhaps a minimalist style, or rather a lot of furniture?

There is plenty of space in this wooden dollhouse and every character has its place. Your child can arrange and decorate his furniture as they want, whenever they want.

Maybe a future interior designer will play with this set or maybe even a future architect or builder, who knows?

YOU WILL LOVE THIS: All of Noelino’s wooden toys are made of natural materials, inspired by Montessori and Waldorf’s self-paced and experimental approach to learning. We encourage unstructured play not only for your child’s physical health but also for his mental development, and our toys will support both. Plus, they will grow along with him!

AGE: 3+ years

Dimensions: Depth: 30 cm ; Width: 58  cm ; Height: 47 cm

“Rose” is the special wooden dollhouse we created with the sole purpose of enhancing your child’s imagination while giving you the opportunity to spend quality time together in the most natural way.

The wooden dollhouse has plenty of room to play with and gives your child the chance to arrange the space as they wish. Unlike “Sunflower”, “Rose” is not such a big dollhouse toy, but it surely has a special character! Your child gets to play the creator and arrange the furniture throughout three rooms disposed one ground floor and a top floor: a kitchen, a living room, and a large bedroom.

The furniture is optional and it’s surely a fantastic addition to the set. It provides everything from the bed in the master bedroom to the fridge and washing machine.

Basically everything you need for role-play!

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