Wooden Flowers - Tulip, Snowdrop, Sunflower, Daffodil, White calla


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Tags: Eco-vriendelijk speelgoed, handgemaakt geschilderd speelgoed, handgemaakt speelgoed, Montessori-speelgoed, biologisch speelgoed, speelgoed geïnspireerd door de natuur, Waldorf-speelgoed, houten kinderdagverblijfdecor, houten beeldjes, houten speelgoed voor kinderen

 Eco Friendly Toys, Handmade Painted Toy, Handmade Toy, Montessori Toys, Organic Toys, Toys inspired by nature, Waldorf Toys, Wood Nursery Decor, Wooden Figurines, wooden toys for kidsAdorable wooden flowers to add to your child’s collection of memorable toys! Hand-painted using only water-based painting, carefully carved and sanded, made of 100% Romanian wood, these cute, little flower toys are just right as a birthday gift or a daily “I love you so much!” reminder.

We know you want the best for your child. We do too!

It’s why we designed not only these beautiful wooden flowers but our entire “Earth collection”. We had a look around and we saw mother nature - so beautiful, so fragile, yet strong and incredibly resilient. Kids need to learn about the beauty that surrounds them, don’t you think?

And because we really value the parent-child relationship and we know you are as much of a nature-lover as we are, we designed the wooden flowers as a way for you to play and learn together.

The wooden flowers that smell like nature

Each flower toy - either the wooden tulip, wooden sunflower, snowdrop, white calla, or daffodil - is made of 100% wood, manufactured in our workshop in the heart of Romania. We carefully carved then sanded each flower toy, then hand-painted them using only non-toxic, water-based colors. All wooden flowers were then covered with a top coat of olive oil and beeswax, which gives a pleasant note. So, yes, they do smell like nature, we told you so

You can buy them as a set or separately: wooden tulip, wooden sunflower, snowdrop, daffodil, and white calla, or add the whole set to the basket.

Why wooden flowers? Why not plastic ones?

Well, the answer is quite simple, but if it's the first time we meet, hi there, this is Luci & Oana - we are the founders of Noelino Toys and we love children, wood, a healthy walk in the woods with our three dogs and a good, strong cup of coffee - in this order. Since we were little, we grew up surrounded by wood, we constantly went on trips to our nearside forest, where our grandparents lived. We knew, as we grew older, that this was something that we want to carry on doing.

These adorable wooden flowers out here are a result of years of studying arts, wood-crafting, and 3D modeling. The final result is a beautiful set of flower toys that reflect the fragility and stubbornness of these Spring symbols.

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