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What an amazing toy collection: wooden mushrooms so like their natural counterparts, you won't be able to tell the difference. Create a mushroom hunt in your garden, invite all your child's friends and have fun spotting these cute, colorful wood carved mushrooms!

Hand-painted using only water-based painting, carefully carved and sanded, made of 100% Romanian wood, these cute, little wooden mushrooms are just right as a birthday gift!

Why are these wooden mushrooms so special?

Because we absolutely love wood and we know you want the best, safest toys for your little one, we designed an entire "Earth collection" with this goal in mind: to instill the love for our planet in our kids!

Plus, by simply being here, we already know something really special about you: spending time with your little ones is a priority! No wonder these adorable wooden mushrooms will also create the opportunity for you to connect with your child in a safe space.

Each wooden mushroom – either the red brittlegill, the rose-gilled grisett,e or the stubble rosegill (yes, we did our homework, the names are quite tricky haha) – is made of 100% wood, manufactured in our workshop in the heart of Romania. We carefully carved then sanded each wooden mushroom, then hand-painted them using only non-toxic, water-based colors. All wood carved mushrooms were then covered with a top coat of olive oil and beeswax, which gives a pleasant note. So, yes, they do smell like nature ????

You can buy them as a set or separately. But just picture a wicker basket full of these adorable wood carved mushrooms…

Why wooden mushrooms? Why not plastic ones?

Well, the answer is quite simple, but if it's the first time we meet, hi there, this is Luci & Oana – we are the founders of Noelino Toys and we love children, wood, a healthy walk in the woods with our three dogs and a good, strong cup of coffee – in this order. Since we were little, we grew up surrounded by wood, we constantly went on trips to our nearby forest, where our grandparents lived. We knew, as we grew older, that this was something that we wanted to carry on doing.

These adorable wooden mushrooms out here are a result of years of studying arts, wood-crafting, and 3D modeling. The final result is a beautiful set of wood carved mushrooms that reflect the fragility and stubbornness of these nature symbols.

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