Picknick Cloth


  • Brand: Inimioara
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Made from 100% natural linen, or muslin (1 cotton and 1 hemp). It's a cool blanket perfect for hot summer days.

Our canvas is a completely different product from the classic ones, with a special fabric - fluffy, airy, particularly pleasant on the skin. You will be pleasantly surprised by the delicate texture.

It is versatile and can be useful in many situations.

We've found a few uses for it, but there are certainly others.

We use it to cover ourselves up on chilly evenings when we sleep or as a sand towel on the beach. There were days I used it at a picnic in the park, as a tablecloth, or as a towel when I got out of the sea. I gave it to some dear people who were very happy about it.

One of the main properties of linen is that it offers natural protection against UV rays, which is why we love using it at sea.

Approximately : 250cm x 150cm.

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