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Luthelo My story

I told TedX Heroes about my life and how Luthelo was born, as well as the "We Grow Winning" project. View the presentation here or read on:


When I was little, my family dragged me on long and boring family visits. I was about seven years old, and to get rid of boredom, I took refuge in the hosts' bathrooms and stuck my nose in all the cosmetics I could find: I opened them, smelled them, tried them on my skin. My luck was that I went to visit friends who had relatives in Germany and got all kinds of cosmetics there. I was fascinated by the colorful packaging, smells and textures.

In 2005 I got married and moved to the country. In 2006 my little girl Thea was born and in 2008 I gave birth to Lucas. I noticed immediately after birth that his skin was very irritated. After two or three months I found out why: he had atopic dermatitis. Until he turned one year old, I took him to different doctors and tried all kinds of treatments - without success. I was desperate: nothing helped me, not even my professional experience in nursing.

I tried to create a sterile environment in my home, but the more commercial hygiene products I used, the more acute the symptoms became. It was as if I had entered a vicious circle - inflamed skin, itching, pimples and many sleepless nights.

I tried to identify by eliminating the causes that caused the dermatitis. I noticed that when I washed her clothes with chemical detergents and used fabric softener, the symptoms got worse. I was looking for natural alternatives, but the prices discouraged me: the organic market was at the beginning, the products were scarce and terribly expensive. I just couldn't afford them.

I decided to contact a manufacturer of natural cosmetics and ask her to help me with a recipe for a chemical-free laundry soap. This is how "Enchanted Walnut" appeared, my first soap, which you can still find in the store - the recipe is no longer what it was then, I've improved it in the meantime. After several washes of Lucas' clothing, bedding and other textiles he came into contact with, his condition visibly improved. I felt relieved and for the first time had the impression that I was going in the right direction.

During this process my childhood love for cosmetics came to light again. On long, quiet nights in the countryside, after the children had fallen asleep, I read about the ingredients and their effects. I wanted to know as much as possible and as soon as possible to help my little boy get over the discomfort of dermatitis. So I made the second soap for him, with natural ingredients: marigold, sea buckthorn, carrot. I called it "Hidratelo". This was followed by a family soap - Blu - and a fragrance-free, natural and healthy, for intimate hygiene. I started looking for a name for my new universe. I found him in the middle of the night, while I was on Yahoo Messenger talking to some virtual friends. I told him Luthelo! It has nothing to do with Luther or Othello, it comes from our names: Lu (house), The (a) and Lo (redana).

I immediately started a blog and started writing about my new world. My friends were curious, they asked me for soap, they tried them and they praised them. Their response was very encouraging, so I quickly started thinking seriously about developing a business.

A few years have passed since then, but my passion is just as alive and strong. I also like to smell and try soaps and cosmetics, only that the place of children's pools was taken by fairs, health food stores and supermarkets.

Luthelo was born from this passion. With his help, I managed to relieve the symptoms of Lucas' dermatitis. He supported me when I decided to get out of the unhealthy relationship with my first husband. Through him, other mothers of children with atopic dermatitis came to me for advice. Luthelo is my extended hand for all the humanitarian campaigns I support.