Who are we and how did we end up creating wooden toys?

We started sculpting wooden toys out of a natural love for wood. It was only a few years ago that we were full heartedly creating custom-made furniture, but we could not accept the idea of wasting all that scrap wood left behind. So, we shily started to make our own toys out of all those pieces.


A tiny cube would become a car. A wry corner would transform into a funny duckling. In our minds, we could already envision all sorts of wooden toys. Actually, true story: our first toy ever was a boat. Its design was so alike Noe’s ark, that we hung on to that image until, little by little, it became the project it is today. Hence the name of our brand: NOELINO. We got so inspired by the famous story of Noe and his wooden ark: a symbol of rebirth, hope, and change – for we are more than a handful of people who suddenly got hit by the idea of making wooden toys. This is the vision from which NOELINO was born: to make wood the substitute of plastic, to turn present into a new beginning and a have a wooden object become a family legacy! We are not just wooden toys producers, for, having your full support, we are actually building up a different future, one that is environmentally responsible and even more compassionate. .


And, finally, if there’s one thing we’d like you to remember about us, is by far the most important value of our brand, NOELINO, the love and respect for our planet. We traveled loads to get to where we are (we come from Romania, aka the land of Dracula, by the way) and we’ve seen oceans suffocating in plastic and lands losing their fruitfulness, and this is definitely not the legacy we want to leave to our children. Our little ones are like tiny sponges, absorbing everything they see the adults around them doing. They are our future and their development is absolutely crucial: we got a huge chance here to set up a good example. And we have a choice: do we raise responsible, caring future adults or not?